YOU. Mentoring

Creating a positive and supportive relationship, encouraging young females to develop to their fullest potential.  Sharing knowledge, skills and life experiences to guide YOU towards achieving not just your goals and aspirations, and a balance in life; it’s a journey of shared discovery.

Resilience, Goal Setting, Time Management, Body Confidence, Educated movement and more! 

Steph and Ash are ready to support YOU in becoming a confident, happy and healthy young woman! 

Online Mentoring & Presentations

No matter where you are, Steph and Ash are ready to support YOU.

Options include:

  • Individual mentoring (30/60mins)

  • Group Mentoring & Presentations

  • Individual or group x 5 sessions

  • Individual or group x 10 sessions

  • Movement class

  • Parent group presentation


Face-to-Face Mentoring & Presentations

Options include:

  • Individual mentoring (30/60mins)

  • Individual or group x 5 sessions

  • Individual or group x 10 sessions

  • Small groups < 10 people

  • Large groups > 10 people

  • Parents group < 20 people

  • Educated Movement session

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