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Meet Steph & Ash

Steph and Ash are some of Australia’s most successful artistic gymnasts, with 3 Olympic Games, 3 Commonwealth Games gold medals and Australia’s only World Championships team medal between them.

Gymnastics is not a sport for the faint hearted, one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports with only a small number of individuals having what it takes to reach the top.

Both Steph and Ash grew up with a strong work ethic developing expertise in a variety of skills including resilience, determination, prioritising, goal setting and fuelling their bodies in a healthy and nutritious way. However, being a young female in elite sport, does not come without its challenges.

Growing up in a sport that has a major focus on not only how skilful you are, but also how you look aesthetically, this meant that Steph and Ash had to learn how to deal with meeting a variety of expectations whilst competing at the highest level. 

Educated knowledge and incredible support around Steph and Ash ensured they achieved their goals in a healthy and happy way.

Inspiring and exceptional role models, Steph and Ash offer a unique opportunity to learn valuable life skills and be supported by this powerful duo, helping you achieve your dreams and live a balanced life!


YOU. Services

YOU. Mentoring

Do you want to be supported and mentored by an Olympian? Steph and Ash are here to support YOU with achieving your goals! Group, team or individual consultations tailored to your specific needs.

Learn valuable skills to help you achieve your school, sporting or life ambitions, big or small!

Develop skills to live a healthy and balanced life. Improve your confidence, learn to set goals, understand how to deal with set backs and become resilient, be motivated, enhance your mindset, body confidence and more!

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YOU. Events

Come and meet Steph and Ash and connect with our community of motivated young females.

Grow and learn from like minded people.

Our events include:​

Workshops with Steph and Ash

Guest speakers

Educated movement workshops

Nutritional education from experts in the field

Much more!

Learn, inspire, and encourage each other! 

Walk away feeling motivated to use your new skills to live your best life! Coming soon!


Be Inspired to
Find Your Balance




Two amazing young women, who are driven to empower future generations to live a positive, healthy lifestyle that gives them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.
Ashleigh Brennan and Stephanie Moorhouse I have known for well over 10 years, as their personal coach and working alongside them now as a high performance consultant.
Sporting experiences, life experiences and fantastic role models, Ashleigh and Stephanie will provide mentorship that encourages and guides in a supportive environment. 
I cannot speak more highly of them both.

Tracey Penaluna 
Founder - Gymnastics Central