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Create and empower a positive community for young women.


Connect young females by providing a platform to share experiences and provide strategies to encourage a balanced life.


Together, Steph and Ash feel there is a gap for positive female role models in the community and want to create a supportive and empowering culture for young females to feel inspired and to be the best possible versions of themselves. Steph and Ash feel there are many challenges growing up as a young female and want to support girls to navigate through their journey. They learnt first hand that success comes from having a balanced life and their underlying motivation is to support YOU to achieve your goals.



In our expert knowledge, each other and our community.


We are authentic, relatable and sincere in our our role of supporting YOU to put your goals into action and accomplishing them.


Together we continue to grow and use our purpose and sense of identity to drive positive change within our community.


Meet Steph & Ash



Ashleigh Brennan is a two time Olympian and Dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist in Gymnastics. Starting as a junior at the age of 7, Ashleigh was not always the gymnast standing on top of the podium. However, her love for the sport was her major motivator and kept her determined to reach her goals and always try her best.

Still a junior at the age of 13, Ashleigh competed on her first National team alongside senior teammate Stephanie Moorhouse. This first experience inspired Ashleigh to keep pushing herself to be the best possible gymnast she could be, dreaming of more opportunities to wear the green and gold.

Ashleigh experienced the highs and lows of elite sport throughout her career, listing balancing school, managing injuries and overcoming poor performance as major challenges. Following the Beijing Olympics, she recalls how difficult it was to come out of retirement with a brand new body to work with. Instead of it being a negative, Ashleigh worked with her new strengths that prolonged her career and helped her progress as a more mature athlete both physically and mentally. This success was attributed to Ashleigh’s supportive family, coaching team and mentors. She found her mentors had experienced similar challenges, were relatable and kept her grounded – teaching her important traits that were significant steps towards becoming a top level athlete.

Career highlights:

·         6th place in the team event at the Beijing Olympics

·         All around finalist at the London Olympics

·         3 x world championships team member

·         Retaining the team number 1 spot at consecutive commonwealth games (2006, 2010)

·         Victorian Female Athlete of the Year 2011

From a young age, it was ingrained that Ashleigh’s education was just as important for her life after Gymnastics. To date, Ashleigh has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology. She now works within the health and wellbeing industry, teaches gymnastics and works with Sports Integrity Australia, delivering educational sessions to athletes and schools nation wide on anti-doping, match fixing and child safety.

Ashleigh is passionate about helping girls identify and maximise their potential.

Areas of interest:

1. Mentoring from beginner through to elite

2. Motivation, self-confidence strategies and goal setting

3. Dealing with adversity

4. Overcoming self-doubt and poor performance

5. Guest speaking



Stephanie was a gymnast for 14 years from the age of 4 – 18 with career highlights including:

  • 2004 Olympic Games Individual All around finalist

  • 2004 Olympic Games 8th place (Team)

  • 2003 World Championships bronze medallist (Team - only Australian team ever to win a medal)

  • 2002 Commonwealth Games  Gold medallist (Team)

​Steph’s commitment and dedication has not only been seen in the sport of gymnastics but also in her education and professional development.

​Balancing sport and life was something that was very important to Steph and her family during her gymnastics years. Training 35-40hours a week while also completing her education was challenging at times but could not have been done without a supportive team around her. Steph went onto complete a Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, is a qualified gymnastics coach, and has previously held a Crossfit Trainer and Personal Trainer certificates.

​After finishing her Gymnastics career, she found the transition period very challenging, struggling with a loss of identity and body image issues. Her journey took her on many adventures and obstacles, before finding her feet again and a passion for supporting young people to help them achieve their goals and live a healthy and happy life. 

​Being an Australian Olympian is Steph’s proudest achievement, which has led her to maintain involvement with the Olympic movement at the state level as a Board Director of the Victorian Olympic Council and Committee Member of Australian Olympians – Victoria.  Steph has worked in the media as a Sport’s Commentator for Channel 10 at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, participated in the Hollywood gymnastics movie ‘Stick It’ and is also a public speaker and Emcee, where she shares the story of her journey to the Olympic Games including mental strength, personal motivation, setting and achieving goals as well as overcoming adversity.

​Now also a mum, Steph truly believes you cannot do it alone, so surround yourself with positive, supportive and loyal people that will assist you in putting together your puzzle and achieving your goals.

​Areas of interest:

1. Well-being – The full picture

2. Balancing sport and life

3. Body confidence

4. Goal Setting 

5. Building resilience and determination